WP 3-1 Evaluation of smartphone apps

Behaviour oriented nutrition communication to pregnant women and new parents using information and communication technology (ICT): evaluation of smartphone APPs

During pregnancy and after child birth, parents (to be) tend to develop a markedly increased interest in diet, food and nutrition and their relationship to maternal and child health. This situation offers a unique opportunity to reach the extremely important target group of young families with information and behaviour oriented approaches focusing on dietary habits, nutrition and health. This target groups use for daily information mainly Apps. At the moment there is still a lack of scientific studies, which represent the impact of nutritional Apps on the daily diet and nutritional behavior of certain social groups. The Child Health Foundation (Stiftung Kindergesundheit, seated at the Univ. of Munich) and the Bavarian Competence Center for Nutrition (KErn, Freising) will jointly develop and implement three mobile device applications (APPs) on pregnancy and childhood nutrition.


Within enable project WP 3-1 the acceptance and use of apps and their influence on the nutritional knowledge and behavior of parents to be and new parents will be investigated.

Our first step was to develop specific scientific questionnaires for the evaluation of the apps. At three different time points the online questionnaires will be sent to 500 users per app who have given consent to participate. In addition we will analyze statistical data (e.g. number of downloads, main contents of interest, length of use, etc.) which are included in the website statistics. The questionnaires will assess user's expectations and their judgment on quality, feasibility of use and benefit of the apps, as well as knowledge and behavior before and at different time points after using the apps. The target of the project is the effect on diet related behavior and understanding of healthy nutrition by using permanently available ICT (apps) for advice regarding daily nutritional questions. The results obtained are expected of key importance for informing future strategies in ICT approaches in nutrition related communication. Parents to be and new parents are supposed to enhance their knowledge on healthy nutrition with respect to their own choices and those for their children.

The evaluation will start in the fall of 2016


The expected technical prospect of success is to create new ICT offers to influence nutritional behaviour and to introduce specific ICT tools like educational nutrition Apps to important social groups of users.



The App Trilogy for pregnancy and early childhood is available now!

The app trilogy assists pregnant persons and young families with a healthy lifestyle. It features information and news about healthy food and about fitness during pregnancy as well as during infancy of children minor 3 years. 

The two apps which will be evaluated by enable project WP 3-1 are available in German only.
More information (German only): http://www.familie-gesund-ernaehrt.de/



Coordinating Investigator

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Berthold Koletzko

Dr. v. Haunersches Kinderspital
Klinikum der Universität München


Dipl. Inform. Uschi Handel, MPH

Dr. v. Haunersches Kinderspital
Klinikum der Universität München