enable at Update Ernährungsmedizin 2017

The successful training event for nutrition specialists and doctors this year took place on October 13th/14th 2017 at Klinikum rechts der Isar. For the eigth time the experts met to discuss subjects of nutrition medicine. read more

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2nd enable-hands-on-seminar for butchers: „Innovative Meat Products"

Fibre enrichment, salt reduction, vegan sausages - never have possibilities of product design been vaster than now. However, which techniques are truly feasible and reasonable? What can successful Marketing for meat and sausages look like? During the enable-hands-on-seminar, experts of Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV (enable-Partner) as well as scientists of the enable-Clusters presented research developments and findings.read more

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Healthy Nutrition is trending with Consumers and Industry

Nutrition is trending! Many founders, but also small and middle sized companies use the possibilities offered by the market for innovative products or services in the food the sector. The enable Innovation Office investigated the food-start-up landscape in the Munich Region. The results of the study have been published in August 2017 (Ernährungs-Umschau 8, 2017).read more

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First project funded by enable Innovation Voucher succesfully closed

Fast assistance of science experts by use of an enable Innovation voucher is one among several offers, that enable proposes to start-ups and SMEs. read more

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Wie Ernährung und Gene interagieren - Ein Interview mit Dr. Christina Holzapfel

Das Zusammenspiel von Lebensstil, Genetik, Stoffwechsel und Erkrankungen wie Adipositas oder Typ-2-Diabetes zu verstehen, entspricht einem höchst komplexen Puzzle. Welchen Anteil das Erbgut tatsächlich daran hat, und inwieweit sich indivi­duelle Empfehlungen daraus ableiten lassen, untersucht ein noch junger Forschungszweig an der Schnittstelle von Ernährungswissenschaft und Genforschung: die Nutrigenetik. read more

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Young Academics at enable-Summer School in Freising

Dring three days, the young academics of BMBF-funded clusters enable, NutriAct, NutriCARD and DietBB, met in Freising for the 2nd Summer School. Organised by enable-Clusters, the meeting provided networking and discussions about nutrition related topics. read more

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enable Cluster Plenary Meeting 2017

Members and partners of enable-Cluster met on July 10th/11th for the 3rd Cluster Plenary Meeting. A special welcome was given to Dr. Trippel-Schulte of Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. read more

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