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2nd enable-hands-on-seminar for butchers: „Innovative Meat Products"

Fibre enrichment, salt reduction, vegan sausages - never have possibilities of product design been vaster than now. However, which techniques are truly feasible and reasonable? What can successful Marketing for meat and sausages look like? During the enable-hands-on-seminar, experts of Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV (enable-Partner) as well as scientists of the enable-Clusters presented research developments and findings.

Prof. Hans Hauner, speaker of enable-Cluster, spoke about the relations between meat consumption and health and presented the "healthy Leberkässemmel" a snack, developed within the cluster. The tasting of fibre enriched leberkäs for lunch was accompanied by a technical presentation about fibre enrichment by Andreas Vogelbacher of enable-Industry partner J. Rettenmaier & Söhne.

The attending butchers and vocational training teachers also gained insights into possibilities of salt reduction, into quality preservation as well as into sensory analytics of food - all presented by experts of Fraunhofer IVV. 

During a moderated session, the attendees discussed how craft enterpreneurs can use methods of Marketing for a promotion of these innovative techiques and developments.

A guided tour of Fraunhofer IVV closed the day.