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Seminar „Prototype your PhD“ for enable young scientists

The young scientists of the enable-Cluster learned during an innovation workshop, presented by UnternehmerTUM, how to presnt their research work in a tangible and understandable way.

[Translate to english:] © Veronika Prankl/TUM

Editing complex research content to make it availbale and understandable for everybody - is this even possible? This was one of the questions the attendees of this workshops had in mind at the start of this workshop, which was part of the enable Innovation Programm for young scientists. The hands-on approach of the workshop very soon proved, that it works: by use of methods like Rapid Prototyping and Design Thinking prototypes have been developed and even tested during a short field test.  The feedback gained was incorporated during the afternoon, bevor turning to the last point, storytelling. The group was enthusiastic about the great ideas and concepts which have been shown during a final round of presnetations at the end of the day. 

All participants agreed that they gaineda lot of new insights and learned highly useful methods for their future life.

More workshops about innovation all planned for the enable young scientists in cooperation with UnternehmerTUM.