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Workshop for Start-ups and SME about „Promotions with Health Benefits“

On November 9th, founders of the region as well as students, took the opportunity to learn which chances can be found and which restrictions need to be considered when promoting food.

Nutrition is trendy! Innovative products or services are offering great chances at the food market for start-ups or small and medium enterprises (SME). The innovation office of the enable-Cluster has taken a look into the Munich food start-up scene (publication: Ernährungs Umschau 8, 2017), and has found out that the major part of these companies is selling products or services which are supposed to assist with a healthy and/or sustainable lifestyle.

During the workshop held by RA Dr. Markus Weck , the attendees gained valuable insights into the regulations that have to be adhered to and how the jurisdiction is handling the subject. Apart from the Health-Claims regulation, also other relevant subjects e.g Clean Labelling have been discussed.

During the get together concluding the workshop, the 36 attendees took the opportunity to discuss their learnings and to network with their peers.