Objectives of the Conference

Reformulating processed food products regarding salt, sugar, or fat content is a highly promising strategy to provide consumers with healthier alternatives within usual purchased categories. However, consumer acceptance, food processor and retailer actions, as well as regulatory approaches face multidimensional constraints and obstacles that are not well understood yet. This conference aims at bringing together researchers from relevant fields such as consumer science, economics, marketing, food and sensory science, and law. Our objective is to stimulate interdisciplinary development and discussion of scientific insights related to healthy and sustainable food reformulation as well as consequences for practical implementation in business and policymaking.

We invite submissions of empirical and theoretical research papers that advance methods and knowledge on the topic.

Specific topics can include:

  • Consumer perception, choice, and adoption of new or reformulated food products

  • Strategic aspects and competitiveness of product reformulation

  • Reformulation potential from a technological perspective

  • Marketing of reformulated food products

  • Food law and legal issues

  • Regulatory efforts in food reformulation

  • Policy evaluation