Technical support for eating and drinking in old age (FA4 module2)

To prevent malnutrition we develop diverse gadgets and smart app solutions:

  • The gadgets focus on precisely measuring the drinking and eating activity without generating additional effort for the caregivers.
  • To achieve high usage of those gadgets, Gamification elements, as well Serious Games will be used to motivate the elderly to overcome their negative feelings towards IT. Furthermore, daily tools will be enhanced with additional functionality to create a natural, but smart environment.
  • An important goal of our project is to increase the effectiveness of the developed solutions. For that reason, we want to integrate the daily routines of the caregivers to provide additional support with the help of ubiquitous (independent and "everywhere" represented) concepts, e.g. in the form of automatic, digital drinking and eating protocols.
  • With a systematic approach we want to evaluate the solutions and gain direct feedback with the goal to enhance the acceptance.
  • As final goal, a versatile support platform for the elderly, Alzheimer patients and their caregivers will be formed. With the help of an evaluation of the system effectiveness and efficiency we want to integrate those solutions into the everyday workflow in an elderly people home.

Our objectives

  • the development of gadgets to measure drinking and food intake
  • IT-based solutions will be developed to increase motivation for a healthy lifestyle
  • systematic evaluation of the acceptance and effectivity of the individual measurement and motivation concepts
  • the integration of IT solutions into the workflow of an elderly people home
  • a platform of various solutions will be formed and with the help of an evaluation of the system effectiveness and efficiency, we want to integrate this platform into an elderly people home