Stress as a mediator of overeating and the effectiveness of mindfulness training as an intervention strategy (FA7 module 3)

Little is known about the effects of mindfulness training on stress-related overeating and the underlying neural substrates.

This module aims at investigating the effects of a mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) training on stress-related overeating. Stress usually goes along with increased appetite, elevated caloric intake and weight gain.

MBSR training, on the other hand, has been shown to exert a positive effect on body awareness, emotion regulation and stress sensitivity and thus on factors known to critically influence eating behavior. Considering that both stress and MBSR training act on a neuronal level, this focus project aims at identifying the neuronal substrates of these processes in order to increase our understanding of the core mechanisms underlying the effects of mindfulness training on eating behavior.

Our objectives

  • Investigating the effect of a mindfulness training on stress-related overeating
  • Investigating the underlying neuronal substrates and mechanisms