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Stages of life in the enable Cluster

The main difference between the enable cluster and all other clusters and research groups is the possibility to scientifically and thorough research all stages of life- from pregnancy over early childhood, youth and adulthood to old age - with focus on nutrition and dietary behavior. This is possible due to the special combination of members within enable. Our interdisciplinary research groups consist of experts with special knowledge about one or more of the 4 stages of life: in our 23 subprojects specialists of all relevant disciplines can be found.

The focus on relevant age groups with special importance of food and health enables the research of the population's health status in different life stages from pregnancy to old age. Thus results are produced to sustainably improve the health status. State of the art information and communication technology (e.g. APPs, PC-Games, Avatars, §-D printing, etc.) have a significant role with enable in order to promoting and transferring knowledge about food choices.

enable is researching on the improvement of the nutrition status in the following four stages of life: